Wanting a Hassle-Free Way to Sell your Car?

Everyone you speak to may consider themselves an expert on the best way to sell your car without the hassle. Some of their top tips you might be given on selling your car, for example, might include:

  • Setting your price – This can be difficult. Even if you compare prices locally, consult any number of price guides or simply ask around about current values, you may worry that too high a price may drive prospective buyers away; whilst pitching it too low simply leaves you sold short
  • Preparing it – That you should clean, polish and generally spruce your car up so that it looks its best before trying to sell it
  • Sales pitch – Taking the time, trouble and effort to write a persuasive sales pitch that you may place as an advert in your local paper, online and on a card in the newsagent’s window
  • Keep it roadworthy – Remembering to keep it taxed and insured, road-ready for any test drive that might be requested
  • Staying switched on – Taking care when accepting any buyer’s offer that you insist either on a cash payment or waiting for a cheque to clear before you actually part with your vehicle
  • Being patient – Probably the most telling advice of all – be prepared to wait for a long time even for just one buyer to express an interest

If you want to sell your car without going through all this potential effort and frustration, there is a much simpler and painless way.

Professional car buyers, like us. Our reputation has been built on the fair and realistic valuation of second-hand cars. If you offer your car to us, as long as you have been truthful about its condition, you may rest assured that the valuation you receive reflects the best market value. It has never been easier to get started. An initial contact is no more than a simple click away.

Enter your registration into our free online form which will help us identify your vehicle before asking you to add some more details about condition. On the basis of the facts you are able to give, our car buyers will not only give you a quotation on its value but guarantee that price if you agree to sell it. We will even offer to collect your car and give you the choice of payment in cash, by cheque or by banker’s draft before taking it away.

If you are looking to sell your car, Sell My Car Direct will prove the simplest, most straight forward and stress-free way of doing so.