Selling a Financed Car

Nowadays, a lot of cars are subject to finance and if you’ve been thinking ‘I’ll never be able to sell my car with finance will I?’ The simple answer is yes you can. If your car is under a finance agreement, dealers can still buy your car. Remember though, it is important that you honour your responsibility as the owner to tell the buyer about any outstanding finance agreement on your car. The more upfront you are at the beginning about finance, the quicker your car sale can go through.

All you need to do is let the dealer know the details of your agreement and they will ensure to get you paid quickly, while endeavouring to settle the remaining amount with your finance company. The dealer should be able to create an up-front payment to settle your contract, but this may be subject to an additional charge from the company written into your agreement. Usually, they can work with both Personal Contract Purchase and Conditional Sale, but will be unable to purchase cars on a Personal Lease agreement, as you aren’t legally the owner under this type of contract.

Selling a financed car could not be easier, simply enter your car’s registration into our online form to begin or call 01708 863732 if you have any questions.