Sell My DS

Always loved a Citroen, but wished they had that little bit extra luxury? Well, you got your wish in the form of the DS range as the French carmaker upped its ante in the quality stakes. The DS range boasts hot hatches through to premium SUVs so whatever segment you are buying and selling in, you won’t lacking in options. When it comes to selling though, if have you been underwhelmed with what you are being offered, then you are in the right place here at Sell My Car Direct.

Can you buy my DS for a fair price?

Selling your DS can feel like a labour-intensive job if you try to offload it to a private buyer for the best possible price, as they haggle and test drive for what feels like weeks on end. At Sell My Car Direct, our expert buyers have vast experience in the car market and by providing them with all the pertinent details they can accurately value your car. This allows us to make you a fair offer for it in the current market without you having to lift a finger.

It’s true you may get a smidgen more selling privately, but it won’t take under an hour like it can here at Sell My Car Direct.