Sell My Car Chelmsford

As one of the UK’s newest cities, Chelmsford is quickly becoming a vibrant shopping district and go-to destination. However, if you’ve been shopping your car around the city without much luck then maybe it is time to try Sell My Car Direct. We, simply put, should always be the answer the question: ‘where can I sell my car in Chelmsford?’ and here’s how:

  • Value your car – You are guaranteed to have a price in your head that you’d like to receive for you old car, but give us all its’ details and we’ll let you know if it is realistic or not
  • Get your offers – Our buyers are primed and ready to price up your car and send you their very best deal, so once all your details are verified
  • Complete sale – Give us the green light to buy your car and you can liaise directly with us to arrange collection and payment in a method that suits you

That’s how easy it could be to sell your car at Sell My Car Direct, so get on the road to your car sale now.