Why it is a good time to upgrade and sell your van

Fleets of vans are what keeps business moving, which was showcased even more during the pandemic where the only way to get goods to customers was via road delivery. In 2020, there has been a huge shift back to road haulage as lots of other avenues for retail and other industries were stopped. This pushed our reliance on vans to a new level and may have pushed you to the decision to either upgrade or cash in on your old van. Here’s why now might be the perfect time:

Get a great price for your van

Lockdown and the pandemic curtailed many businesses, but it was not the same for the used van market. As many people clamoured to buy vans to help with deliveries and even change career, prices started to rocket. Car auctions reported a 3-5% rise in van prices around the UK as demand soared in June, September and October. There has never been a better time to get great value for your old van if you want to upgrade or raise vital cash.

Time for your fleet to go electric

With the government pushing on towards its target to curtail the sale of conventional petrol and diesel engines by 2040, many fleets are upping their push to shift more of their vans to electric. Research by Geotab highlighted that nearly 90% of UK fleet managers expected their vans go electric to dominate their line up by as early as 2028. Many reasons are cited, which includes the potential government incentives available, fuel savings, improvements in charging infrastructure and new models becoming available from the leading manufacturers.

Secure much-needed cash for your old van

If you are considering selling your van or a section of your fleet, then you should look no further than Sell My Car Direct. Our expert van buyers have been giving van owners great value for their old models for generations. Simply get started by adding your registration into our online form, alongside some vital information, and they’ll get to work estimating its worth. Once we’ve settled on our best deal, we’ll email you the offer and you can decide whether you want to push ahead with the deal or go elsewhere.

Whatever your reason for looking to offload a van then now might just be the perfect time to do so and Sell My Car Direct can help.