Dash Cams

How would you rate your driving skills? Many people would actually say their driving is very good, so why are there so many accidents in the UK? If you don’t break the law when behind the wheel, you probably see your driving as almost perfect. You don’t run red lights, use your mobile, or even speed.

Yet the chances are you’ve been involved in a collision of some sort; after all there are thousands of claims every month. Worst of all is liability being disputed, resulting you losing your excess. This could be worth hundreds of pounds – Even if you’re sure you weren’t at fault for the accident.

It’s also common for motorists to lie to the police and their insurers, or even abandon the scene before you can write down their registration number. For all these instances you could do with video footage to prove your innocence and in turn, show the guilt of the other party. This is where dash cams come in handy.

Dashboard cameras have been growing in popularity around the world, although they’ve been in use for decades – particularly with police in the US. These cameras are fixed onto your windscreen or dashboard and record the road ahead for your every movement.

What’s more, dash cams have become increasingly affordable for the public, so they’re not just common with buses, taxis and police cars anymore. Instead, you can buy and fit a dashboard camera in no time at all, so you’re ready to record your driving and eliminate the possibility of being wrongly accused in the event of a collision.

As you would expect, there are loads of companies now offering these dashboard cameras, claiming to offer superior benefits to the others available. If you’re interested in getting a dash cam for your car it’s best to compare a few before making a final decision.

For instance, the cheapest dashboard cameras will likely have all the features and benefits you require, whilst more expensive options can record both the front and rear, include GPS tracking and even keep a record of your driving speed and routes.

So, let’s take a look at the various reasons to invest in a dashboard camera.

To Use As Evidence

This is perhaps the most popular reason for the dash cam’s rise to fame as footage can be recorded in real time, which can later be reviewed. If there aren’t street cameras in place or witnesses to back your account up, you have to rely on one person’s word against the other.

This is where the dash cam is useful. Simply switch on the camera and record your journey. Then, if there’s an accident that wasn’t your fault you can prove your innocence.

To Counter Insurance Fraud

Unfortunately, insurance fraud has become a big problem not just in the UK, but around the world. And it’s not just a case of a motorist claiming to have whiplash when there’s a genuine accident.

Nowadays there are drivers deliberately braking hard or people even running out into the path of vehicles in order to claim excessive amounts from your insurer. Again, a dashboard camera would help prevent this as you could simply prove to the insurers your innocence and avoid a large payment.

To Report Road Rage & Bad Driving

Our roads are getting busier and as such, more and more people are having accidents daily. There are even accounts of poor driving when fortunately there was no accident at the end of it. A dashboard camera helps you report incidents to the police so they can deal appropriately with any serious driving errors.

To Protect Your Vehicle Even When Parked

Have you ever parked up, done your shopping and returned to a dent in your car? This happens to people up and down the country every day and whilst some will be kind enough to leave a note with their details, others will drive off in haste. A dashboard camera gives you added protection for your vehicle, no matter where you are.

To Save Money On Your Insurance

Another excellent reason to choose a dashboard camera is to help with your car insurance. Of course, as mentioned above, a dash cam gives you the proof you need to avoid liability in the event of an accident.

But also, a camera fixed to your dashboard could also reduce your insurance premiums. Car insurance has never been so expensive and motorists are trying to find anyway possible to cut their expenses. A dashboard camera may help do this and you could recoup the cost in just one year.

The best rated dashboard cameras

Now you know all about dashboard cameras and the reasons to invest in one, let’s take a look at some of the best ones to part you with your money.

Mio MiVue 538 Deluxe

Price: £149.99

This is one of the best dashboard cameras on the market, offering excellent picture and sound quality. There are a number of other superb features included and it’s pretty easy to setup and fix to your dashboard. If you’re interested in a dashboard camera, this is the one we’d suggest.


RAC 02

Price: £149

If you want to ensure the widest viewing angle, the RAC 02 is the camera to go for. There is the drawback though of picture quality not being as great as the Mio, particularly at night.


Garmin 20

Price: £169.99

This dashboard camera has everything you’d need, with a good picture and sound quality. There’s also GPS and speed tracking available on playback. However, you need to download a third-party codec to watch footage on your computer and there’s an irritating beeping sound when the camera is active.


Cobra CDR-900

Price: £159

Whilst the video quality in itself is clear, it has a tendency to judder on playback, so there’s the possibility of it missing an incident you desperately want to record. It’s also more difficult to setup than the others mentioned above and all round, the Mio is much better in terms of picture. We’d suggest you look elsewhere.