How do you value my car?

Receiving a fair price for you old car is what every motorist wants when they make the decision to sell it. This is a grey area for lots of sellers as from the outside it can be confusing when it comes to how certain cars are valued and why. Here at Sell My Car Direct, we are happy to answer the question: ‘how do you value my car’? as we are transparent in how we go about putting a price to your car. Here are just some of the tools we have at our disposal:

  • Extensive market experience – Our expert buyers have been in the business for generations giving them a vast knowledge of the second hand car market. This gives us an initial indication of the value of your vehicle before we even get started delving into the vehicle’s finer details
  • Trade sources – Trade guides are a starting point for many car buyers; all of which draw on large databases relating to recent trades in auctions. These may offer good estimates, but a car’s worth is in more than just statistics and will not take into account the particular current market for a car. That’s why they should remain as guides and not definitive
  • Obtaining additional details – We will take into consideration any additional information you provide, relating to things such as the overall condition of your vehicle, including whether or not it has damage, servicing history, mileage etc. to be able to form an accurate valuation of your vehicle’s worth

Naturally, it may always be advisable to check any price that you are offered by any potential buyer against your own market research, in order to ensure that you believe you are receiving a broadly fair sale price. It pays to remember also that there is a difference between the retail price of a vehicle, the price you may hope to achieve in selling privately yourself to a private buyer, and the price that any professional car buyer or dealer may be able to offer you.

If you are concerned that your own valuation might not be correct you can enter your car’s details into our system. We can then enable dealers to bid on your car, so you can see what money is being offered from one of the most reputable buyers in the UK. Get started by using our online form and we’ll get you a step closer to getting great value for your old motor.