How do I sell my car online?

Everything is done online nowadays isn’t it? Have you considered how easy it might be to sell your car on the internet? There are a number of ways in which you might do this, but if you’ve been asking ‘how I do I sell my car online?’ then here are your two most prevalent options:

Selling your car privately online

There are a number of internet-based motoring listings and other sites that advertise cars, such as Auto Trader, Motors, Gumtree, eBay, Car Gurus and many more. These are essentially an online extension of the traditional classified ads that have been used for decades to trade in second-hand goods of practically every description. By the same token, therefore, you are likely to find that by advertising your sale in this way, you are likely to need to:

  • Write your own sales copy describing the vehicle – outlining its general condition, mileage and so on
  • Pay for the listing
  • Keep the vehicle, taxed, insured and covered by a current MOT – everything in other words to keep it roadworthy and street legal

Here are some tips when choosing this route:

  • Research your asking price – Some people attempting to sell motor vehicles set prices that are based more on emotion and hope rather than a realistic and objective assessment of the true value of the vehicle. If you set your price expectations too high, you may typically need to anticipate extensive delays in selling
  • Be cautious – If you are dealing online with a private individual as a potential buyer then it may be advisable to be careful, as there are a variety of internet scams around that may prove to be dangerous for the unwary
  • Take good quality images – You will be unlikely to attract serious private buyers in situations where your photographs are of poor quality or your description vague and lacking in detail
  • Protect yourself – Never include information in your advertisement that may tell a wide and unknown audience who you are, where you live or your contact details, other than your secure e-mail ID (it may also be advisable to blank out the registration details of your car in any photographs provided as part of the initial advertisement)
  • Have confidence – Remember that hundreds of thousands of vehicles are sold online with an entirely satisfactory outcome for all concerned, so just take some of the above common-sense precautions and all may be well

It may be true that by trying to sell your car online in this way, there is the potential for reaching a huge audience. The problem is that your chances of anyone reading your listing are only as good as the popularity of the website. In practice, you may find that it is actually read by only a few potential suitable buyers. This may leave you in for a very long wait, with no certainty of attracting any buyers.

Using professional online car buyers

An alternative to putting yourself to the trouble of writing your own sales copy, paying for a listing, and waiting on the off-chance of someone expressing any interest is to let a professional car buyer purchase it. At Sell My Car Direct, we require no persuasive sales copy and once you’ve registered your interest in selling your car, we’ll advise if your valuation of your car is pragmatic. We are always interested in buying any car, whatever its age, mileage, make or model.

Selling your car online via a service such as ours is simple – there’s no further work or expense, let alone a lengthy wait – your car is typically sold and taken off your hands in just a matter of days.