How do I get someone to buy my car?

Don’t pull your hair out asking: ‘how do I get someone to buy my car?’ as there are a lots of options available to you. Each one depends on what your ultimate goal is and they are:

Quick sale

If selling your cast fast is vital, whether you are looking to upgrade quickly or need the cash immediately, then time is not on your side. This takes a private sale out of the equation, but opens up specialist car buying services, like Sell My Car Direct. With the ability to offer quick free car valuation, quick payment and even a collection service, you won’t find a faster way to sell your car.

Got time on your side

When time is not pressing and you don’t require a fast turnaround, then private selling could be an option for you. This requires a lot of research to decide how much to sell it for and even whether to advertise for free or pay for it. Then it is looking at having the free time to offer test drives and the rigmarole involved in negotiation with potential buyers. It’s always important to consider the time and money implications when looking to complete a private sale.

You could also look at shopping your car around to potential specialist dealers locally, which would involve you driving about spending lots of time again negotiating with streetwise dealers who know the market inside out.

Strong at negotiating 

Negotiating skills are a very handy asset when looking for someone to buy your car as it keeps you in a position of power in many instances. This opens up not just a private sale as an option as you can talk your price up, but also keeps you in good stead when looking to part-ex or sell to a dealer. If you’re not a lover of haggling, then specialist car buyers relieve you of having to negotiate as an offer is made and you can either take it or walk away. 

Looking to upgrade 

When looking for a new car and disposing of your old one, the best option may be to part-exchange. This kind of deal allows you to complete a purchase and a sale in one fowl swoop. Beware of unscrupulous dealers though, who will try to bamboozle you with different figures for what you are paying for the new car and losing off the value of your old vehicle. However, it is also important to remember that by using a specialist car buying service you could have the negotiation power that comes with having cash on the hip.

Alternatively, you could always head to Sell My Car Direct, where we will bid you directly for it. Begin by simply entering your registration into our online form.