Some of the luxury cars we valued in the past year

You’d be forgiven for thinking that the only motorists that use car buying services are people with old bangers that want to make a quick buck on an old car fit only for the scrapyard. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. At Sell My Car Direct we have seen a variety of high-end car owners who, for whatever reason, have fallen out of love with their luxury car and want to cash in. In 2020, we quoted for more than six thousand cars and here’s just five of the more interesting models we priced up:

Tesla Model S

The flag-bearer for what is possible for electric vehicles, the Tesla Model S is a trailblazer for its kind and is a remarkably good car all round. Boasting enviable range, impressive acceleration, and a stunning interior even Elon Musk can love, it is really a thing of beauty. The Model S will not let you down on comfort and style, but you may not fall in love the driving dynamics which flatter to deceive in a genre where it matters.

McLaren 600LT

Who wouldn’t want to own a car whose manufacturer gave it the tagline of: ‘the edge is calling’? That’s no bold claim, with the 600LT able to shift from 0-60 in 2.9 seconds and onto a top speed of a mere 204mph. This is not just a track car, though, as it can withstand bumps and uneven surfaces well and the handling experience is worth any slight discomfort you may occasionally experience on normal roads. You won’t see many of these around as the carmaker didn’t make them in high numbers… but when you do, you’ll want one.

Morgan Plus 8

Classic looks combined with a rip-roaring V8 engine that will keep you smiling behind the wheel, there’s much to love about the Morgan Plus 8. Turn heads wherever you go, not just with the modern take on iconic styling, but with the noise you’ll be making as you fly past. It’s lovable, but not without its downsides when compared to its rivals in class. Go into this purchase with your eyes open though and enjoy the Morgan for what it’s good at: performance.

Lamborghini Urus V8

The clamour for SUVs drew out new models from the world’s most luxurious performance brands and the Urus is the craziest of them all. The physics-bending luxury SUV mixes the sharp angles of its Aventador stablemate with the performance you’d demand of it on a racetrack – but with an ability to do the school run with plenty of space inside. It is truly a feat of engineering and a homage to just how the SUV market cannot be ignored, even if you are Lamborghini.

Bentley Mulsanne

Imposing looks and luxury is a byword for Bentley and the Mulsanne delivers these necessary traits in abundance. It is a car that makes a statement and is opulence at its best, befitting of a model that replaced the outgoing Arnage at the top of marque’s offerings. The Mulsanne brings performance and driving experience to a limousine-sized model and that kind of quality should not be sniffed it, even if costs upwards of £200,000.

Every year delivers new incredible cars for us to price up that bring a smile to our buyers’ faces and if you are looking to cash in on your performance motor then do so via our online form today here.