Selling your car in a pandemic

Life has been anything but normal in 2020 and lots of plans for the year have been shelved due to the impact of Covid-19. As the economy ground to halt over the course of the year car dealerships up and down the UK had to shut their doors. But the new and used car markets are nothing if not resilient. Immediately, they were finding ways to keep trading in cars safely and securely during the pandemic.

With many of us working from home for an extended period, even out of lockdown, we’re looking to sell superfluous vehicles which we no longer require. Whether you are wanting to sell your old motor for vital money or looking to downgrade/upgrade your family transport, then you can still do your business. If you are looking to sell your can during the pandemic safely then you have the following options:

Selling Privately

Usually endless tyre-kickers are annoying at best, but you are happy to put up with it if one eventually stumps up the cash for your old car. However, in the midst of a pandemic you want to be limiting your contact with people as much as possible. That is why it is worth quantifying how interested they are in the car by taking the time to call them and gauge whether they have any actual real interest in purchasing the vehicle.

Then you have got the pesky issue of the test drive, which would normally hold no fears if your old motor were in good nick. With social distancing measures in place and the need for masks inside, you should insist on masks being worn and sit in the back as far away as possible from the driver. Make sure you have sanitiser available to wash your hands pre and post test drive to ensure all surfaces are cleansed effectively.

Simply put, the risk to your health against making potentially a few extra pounds may not be worth it with Covid-19 so prevalent.

Car Buying Service

Your securest way to sell your car in a pandemic is via a car buying service, like Sell My Car Direct. By streamlining the selling process to decrease face-to-face contact, they have made offloading a car almost risk free. All the initial contact is done digitally, with the ability to add in your car’s reg and other details into an online valuation form to receive a quote. Rather than you having to visit a branch to drop off your car, many car buyers will now come to your home to pick up your car through a socially distanced pick up. There is also no cash handed over, with the money transferred electronically.

Using a car buying service is certainly the least risky way to get money for your old motor if you are shielding and need a quick cash boost.