How much can I sell my car for?

It is a question that at Sell My Car Direct we get asked a lot and one that can keep you up at night if you are concerned you won’t achieve the price you want for your old car. Getting a good price for your motor can ease any financial stress you might be under or even help you afford a better or newer car than you were expecting. How much can you sell your for? Here are some quick ways in which you can get an idea of how much your car is worth:

Car trading platform

With thousands of cars listed on car trading platforms you will be able to get an estimate of what similar cars may be worth in the current market. It is worth noting though that the majority of these sellers will be dealers and private sellers looking for top dollar for their models. Worse still, to get a realistic value of a similar model, you’ll have to dig deep into many considerations when trying to see what your car’s worth including:

  • Mileage – A few thousand miles discrepancy can have a big say over how much your car is valued against a similar vehicle. Always try to base your thought process around annual mileage and remember anything ten thousand mileage per year will start going against you in regards price.
  • Condition – Over the course of ownership, your car will start to show the scuff, dents and nudges and without seeing the cars you are looking at close up you can’t tell how much better condition they are in.
  • Spec – Does the car you’re looking have better gadgets, like Sat Nav, reversing camera, a sunroof, heated steering wheel etc? If it does, then that can really add up and make it worth a lot more than yours.

Visit a local dealer

Many dealerships may stock and sell models just like yours, but that doesn’t mean they will be looking to buy yours from you unless you are looking to exchange it. If you are looking to up or downgrade with them, then be aware that during negotiations figures can get confusing as dealers look to balance the money they give you for your old car against any discount on your new one. This can leave you in the unenviable position of not knowing exactly what price you are getting for your old car.

Car buying service

The quickest and most accurate way to get a fast valuation of your vehicle is a professional car buying service, like Sell My Car Direct. Enter your car’s reg and other details into our online valuation form and our expert buyers will work fast to price it up and email; all in minutes and without you having to leave your house. There’s no quicker way to understand your car’s value and even sell it while you enjoy a cup of tea.

Look at scrapping

The uncomfortable truth may be that your old banger is only fit for the scrap yard. This can be hard to consider if your old motor has been a loyal and trustworthy workhorse for you over the years. We all fall in love with our cars, but sentiment has no place when pricing up your old car. Scrap value can fluctuate with the market for recycled materials and a lot of other factors. Be sure to get a few quotes before deciding as some scrapyards may even charge you to take the car.