Drivers clambered to sell smaller cars during pandemic

During 2020, we saw a surge of small car owners trying to sell their cars as the pandemic changed drivers’ mindsets.

Our figures show that small cars, such as city cars and superminis, accounted for 27% of our quotes throughout the year. When we add in hatchbacks the percentage rises to 40% (2,400 of 5,964 of cars estimated).

Throughout the pandemic the trade in cars remained strong and we were delighted to be asked to quote for thousands of cars in the period as other industries struggled.

The most popular supermini was unsurprisingly the Ford Fiesta, which was streets ahead of its rivals, the Vauxhall Corsa and Volkswagen Polo.

The Ford Focus topped the hatchback charts in front of the Astra and Golf, while the BMW 1-Series and MINI Cooper were surprising entrants too.

Ford, VW, Vauxhall, Mercedes and BMW dominated our quoting charts throughout the year, but small cars were the most sought-after genre to offload during a challenging year.

This constant stream of owners looking to sell smaller models was more than likely driven by three impulses born out of the pandemic:

• The wish to cash in on surplus second cars as lockdown cut down our movement for extended periods
• Drivers looking for timely income boost to make improvements to their home as they were forced to remain indoors
• Practical cars were sought after as holidays abroad were cancelled and families looking to take a break amidst pandemic were forced to spend vacations in the UK

The market for second-hand cars remains strong, so if you want to upgrade or bring in some cash then check your cars value through our online form here.